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Your hostess this evening is a persnickety 26 year old, who often has far too much snark than sense. She's also a full-time servant of the law, part-time geek, and one-time frontier psychologist.

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  • Becky: when plaintiffs are stupid you feed them to that sand monster
  • Becky: a la jabba the hut
  • Victoria: to the sarlacc 8D
  • Becky: what's his name
  • Becky: yup yup'
  • Becky: thatll stop lawsuits
  • Victoria: LOL, hahahahhahaah
  • Victoria: "Make your case."
  • Victoria: "You can only make it once."
  • Victoria: "If you make it wrong, I'm feeding you to my rancor."
  • Victoria: "Y-y-your Honor..."
  • Victoria: "EEEEE!"
  • Victoria: "Next."
  • Victoria: LOL, those oyez recordings would be so much more interesting
  • Victoria: You'd probably hear like, Scalia cackling madly at the crunching bones
  • Victoria: as the rancor nommed on attorneys. The scribe would be like /crunch/ on the record
  • Victoria: And Posner
  • Victoria: "This is an economically efficient way to help fix the law system. We don't spend any money on funerals, and we increase the jobs for 1Ls and recent law school graduates."
  • Victoria: "And," he'll continue, "we are left with only the most coherent, concise lawyers."
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